The NLC Energy solution

As a leading provider of renewable natural gas, NLC Energy delivers complete operational, technical and financial solutions—clearing the path to help you access this sustainable substitute for fossil natural gas.


NLC Energy has created a complete solution for the transportation industry to transition to renewable natural gas.


NLC Energy provides support to America’s farmers by helping them turn manure into much needed cash.


NLC Energy helps manufacturers decarbonize thermal loads and helps utilities provide green gas to customers.

How NLC Energy Can Help You:

  • Established Market Presence. With renewable gas production facilities in place, including injection capabilities on major pipelines, we create renewable, climate-friendly natural gas for industrial and transportation customers nationwide.

  • An Easy Yes for Farmers. Our solutions help farmers generate instant income from manure and other by-products without adding complex and expensive gas equipment to their farms.

  • Creating Renewable Natural Gas at Scale. We make pipeline-quality biomethane from plentiful food and agricultural waste, creating a renewable, cost-effective alternative to fossil natural gas. 

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