Clearing the path to help you access sustainable solutions

At NLC Energy we own and operate renewable natural gas (RNG) plants that convert organic waste into useful commodities through a process called anaerobic digestion.


We help companies find immediate, scalable sustainability solutions. We provide renewable low carbon energy for manufacturers.

We support farmers by helping them generate income from their waste products, while reducing their carbon footprint.

benefit from our production of renewable natural gas and our expertise in navigating the complex incentive markets.

Learn how we help you access the renewable energy market

Manufacturing and Transportation Customers

If you are looking for climate-friendly solutions for transportation fuel or CO2 products, we can help you. At our state-of-the-art production facilities, we create renewable, climate-friendly natural gas and inject it into interstate pipelines for transportation customers. In addition, we make liquid CO2 and dry ice for food, beverage and industrial customers.

An Easy Yes for Farmers

If you’re a farmer, we show you how to generate instant income from manure without adding complex and expensive gas equipment to your farm.

Repurposing Your Organic Waste

If you need to dispose of organic waste products, we can help you. We use food waste by-products and agricultural waste to make pipeline-quality biomethane. This is a renewable, cost-effective alternative to fossil natural gas created through an environmentally friendly process.

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